Marketing CMO

Marketo, IPO MKTO, 5/2013, is the fastest growing provider inRevenue Performance Management. Marketo’s powerful yet easy-to-usemarketing automation andsales effectiveness solutions transform how marketing and sales teams of all sizes work — and work together — to drive dramatically increasedrevenue performance and fuel business growth.

The company’s proven technology, comprehensive services and expert guidance are helping more than 1,800 enterprise and mid-market companiesaround the world to turn marketing from a cost center to a business-building revenue driver. Marketo also offersSpark by Marketo™, a new brand of marketing automation tailored specifically for small businesses – the fastest-growing and largest segment of today’s economy.

“I've been thrilled to work with HWVP – the team are terrific partners. When you are building a company, you want to be able to move as fast as possible and punch above your weight clss. The HWVP team has helped us do exactly that – from introductions to premier customers, to facilitating key strategic partnerships, to helping recruit key members of the team – they have helped us accelerate on all fronts. At every turn and the end of every conversation, the refrain is “how else can we help?” HWVP has demonstrated that “being invested” in a company means going well beyond a financial arrangement to actively working together toward shared success”
Sanjay Dolakia

Sanjay Dolakia

CEO, Crowdfactory, CMO, Marketo