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Database Cloud Scale-Out

NuoDB provides a patented, elastically scalable Cloud Data Management System (CDMS). Unlike every other database, NuoDB is architected to scale out effortlessly on the cloud without compromising any of the features or guarantees of relational databases. NuoDB is a SQL database with 100% ACID semantics. NuoDB uses a radical new database design based on P2P-style architecture. NuoDB looks and behaves like a traditional SQL database from the outside but under the covers it is an entirely new architecture designed for 21st century datacenters.

Unlike any other SQL database, NuoDB additionally allows users to: • Dynamically expand transactional databases by adding or deleting nodes from a live system. • Remove nodes from the system without losing data or data consistency. • Move a running database between datacenters with no application downtime. • Configure running databases to use spare machines in remote locations, with immediate effect. • Set up as many live, on-disk copies of a database as you want, and wherever you want, with minimal impact on performance. • Run databases partly in datacenter and partly on a public cloud, or “cloudburst” peak loads onto other clouds. • Dynamically decide which databases should share which machines or sub-clouds. • Manage SLA’s for databases users based on fine-grained resource allocation and deallocation. • Maximize performance without manual tuning. • Deliver absolute performance levels that significantly exceed traditional client/server and client/cluster solutions.