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OpenStack Cloud Orchestration Dev-Ops

Piston OpenStack™software product automates the orchestration of an entire private cloud environment on commodity servers. Companies building web, mobile, and Big Data applications use Piston’s secure and cost-effective AWS-like capabilities to bring new products to market faster. Piston OpenStack improves datacenter efficiency by managing a group of servers as a single pool of elastic and scalable computing resources. Delivering compute, storage, networking, and management through self-service interfaces and APIs, Piston OpenStack includes a hyper-converged hardware architecture, a highly-secure stateless Micro-OS, and advanced cluster management.

Piston OpenStack provides elastic scaling of resources and fault tolerance out-of-the-box, keeping infrastructure running by automatically rebalancing resources and restarting tasks that have failed. This delivers businesses an on-premise private cloud environment that requires little to no IT operations.

“Working with Lars Leckie and the team at HWVP has been fantastic for me and for Piston Cloud. Lars and his team have provided us with the perfect level of support and insights while maintaining high expectations for our results. ”
Jim Morrisroe

Jim Morrisroe

CEO, Piston Cloud