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SaaS, Video

Informal Communications for the Distributed Team

Jamm was acquired by Hopin in February 2021.

Jamm provides a video/voice communication app that aims to make working in a distributed team as fun and engaging as being co-located- tying remote team members into the “hallway conversations”. The app provides a sense of what your distributed team members are doing and fosters ad-hoc, informal conversations. This helps members feel less isolated and more connected. While applicable across the enterprise, Jamm’s beachhead is the development team, supporting use cases like collaborative brainstorming, pair programming, joint debugging of issues, code reviews, and handling of production outages. Jamm integrates with the engineering toolset making it easy to use alongside Slack, Jira, Figma, GitHub, and Atom. Jamm was founded by Badri Rajasekar, previously CTO of TokBox, and its employees are appropriately distributed between SF, Barcelona, and Sydney.