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Peerlyst is a network of security professionals, including some of the top CISOs in the business. Our goal is to make our members’jobs easier by giving them a place to find and compare security solutions—and learn from their peers’real‐world experiences.

Peerlyst is the place where security pros can instantly connect with each other, rate and learn about products, securely collaborate on projects, grow their expertise, and discover new career opportunities.

“I went with Hummer Winblad because Mitchell Kertzman, Lars Leckie, and the entire team were able to get and appreciate our vision, and empower our team in the most challenging early stage. Their integrity, honesty and overall attitude to investing in people, not companies, made me feel that the VC model is not all broken, and there are still people who take a risk with you, and are there to help you succeed. ”
Limor Elbaz

Limor Elbaz

CEO, Peerlyst